The name of this ferry is "Snowdrop" which was operating the ferry crossing on that day.  There were a couple of places the ferry took us where we could unboard and spend time away from the ferry.  At one place was activities around a space shuttle.  Members then  had to wait until the next ferry which arrived an hour later.  




These pictures are of the Ferraris Hotel we visited in the evening.  An excellent meal was provided to all.  

Yes, its me again (Sally) lounging around by the white horses statue.  Lovely location where a lot of people have their wedding reception. There was a wedding on that day too.  


Liverpool continued......-Summer Trip


Although the weatherman forecasted rain and cloud we had lovely sunshine throughout the day!  Members could decide how to spend the day.  Some went on a boat cruise, others went round the shops or visited the fine museum at Albert Docks.

An important building and statue by Albert Docks - possibly George 4th? Any ideas? We have forgotten!


Trip to Liverpool


This year Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale SCOPE had their summer trip in Liverpool.  Some of our members went to the Albert Docks to go on a river cruise.  Above is the photo of me (Sally) and in the far distance is the Liver Building.  Can you guess what the other buildings are?   And here is Fab 4 Cafe and Mersey Ferry port.
But where is Fred (Talbot)?  He got the weather wrong! 





Presentation of cheque to Rough Lee Home

This photograph was taken when Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale SCOPE decided to help Rough Lee Home in Accrington to make necessary improvements to their home by building a new roof.  

We decided to give them £5,000 and this was gratefully received.

Members of the group in the photo include our new Secretary Courtney Berry.  Paul Cain is a member of our group who resides at Rough Lee Home.  

In the photo as well are our past secretaries, Ann and Philomena.   

The lady in blue is one of the many staff at Rough Lee Home.