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Making Rail Accessible








 Passengers with disabilities

Licensed train and station operators are required to have a Disabled People's Protection Policy (DPPP), which sets out how they will protect the interests of disabled users of their trains and stations.

Making Rail Accessible: ORR's role in enforcing Disabled People's Protection Policies (DPPPs)

ORR are responsible for making sure that train and station operators consider the needs of older and disabled passengers. As part of this, they issue guidance for and approve train and station operators’ DPPPs.

Each train company produces a booklet called "Making Rail Accessible: Helping older and disabled people". These booklets are available from stations and the websites of individual train companies. They explain what assistance disabled people can expect when travelling by train. For more information, and to book assistance, contact your train operator, or see the Disabled Persons Railcard website.

The assistance offered by each operator may vary slightly ,but  all operators must as a minimum provide the assistance set out below.

Passenger Assist 


Alternative accessible transport


"Turn Up And Go" can depend on conditions at the time of your travel, such as staff availability.




Passenger Information

Tickets and Fares


Aural and Visual Information




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